Quick Facts

Experts recognize TCC as the Gold Standard in Offloading

TCC is supported by level I evidence, including numerous RCTs, meta-analyses’ and many consensus documents.

TCC-EZ is the most used o-loading casting system in the US. It is used to promote ulcer healing by reducing the excessive planter pressure, immobilizing the foot and ankle, reducing shear, stabilizes oedema and protects the foot from trauma. 2011 ADA Consensus states: “Off-loading at the acute active stage of the Charcot foot is the most important management strategy and could arrest the progression of deformity. Ideally, the foot should be immobilized in a irremovable total contact cast (TCC).”



  • Non-Infected neuropathic foot ulcers without deeper structures
  • Charcot Neuroatrthropy
  • Post-Operative care (Charcot reconstructing, delayed primary closure)
  • Pre-Ulcerative conditions


  • Ulcer has signs of infection
  • Vascular status not adequate for healing
  • Ulcers deeper than they are wide
  • Non-compliance with visits
  • Allergy to casting material
  • Excessive leg or foot swelling and fragile skin
  • Patient’s foot does not fit in boot
  • Patient’s calf exceeds cast size limits


  • Fast Application
  • Easy to apply
  • Little room for mistakes

Interested practitioners should contact us for training or to attend a workshop on TCC-EZ.  This product is only available to medical professionals.


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