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Podo Podiatry is South Africa’s only one stop web site for the PODIATRIST and PODIATRY PATIENTS. Simply put, if you have any painful foot condition, this is your web site. Here you will find quality off-loading products designed to protect the foot against injury. You will find medically designed gel products, diabetic shoes and socks, orthopaedic shoes, diagnostic tools, materials and orthotics. Anything podiatry. Feet, feet, feet! Hammer toes, claw toes, bunions and more. You name it, if we don’t have it, let us find it for you. For specialised podiatry care, click here … and find a list of South Africa’s registered podiatrists who will supply you with our specialised products.

Deramed Gel Protectors
Deramed Sillicone Insoles
ICB Orthotics



MEDIS® Extensive Sales NetworkMEDIS® has an extensive sales network all the major business centres in South, as well as the countries of and Namibia. We enthusiastically embrace the rainbow nation that is South Africa and actively promote equal …

About Podiatry

Podiatry is a school of medical treatment focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot disorders, diseases and the various bio-mechanical problems people have with their feet. It is estimated that 85% of people on the planet have at least some or other foot problem …

gel-toe-crust Gel Toe CrestThe Gel The Crest is designed to ease discomfort from hammer, claw and mallet toes. It is made with a durable & flexible toe loop which easily fits over the toe to stay in place. It will not bottom out like a foam product might.



bunion-guard Gel 5th Digital Bunion GuardAn specially designed gel ring for extra protection for the 5th toe. May also help relieve pain from tight shoes or other pressure causing factors.


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